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Hirikith is a fictional kingdom, its name derived from a random fantasy location place name generator. It is where the characters in the first AD&D 2nd Ed campaign with the current gaming group all come from, and is part of the currently unnamed world that is slowly growing organically around the players as they explore.

There was a short lived second campaign set to the west in the neighboring kingdom of Tausia.

A Third campaign is currently underway, it started out further west again on another continent in a large desert area.

Each subsequent campaign further fleshes out diferent aspects of the world.

Early on it become far too complex to keep a track of everything required some sort of central repositry such as this to keep a track of it all.

Nothing can be added until it has been encountered in game as it dosent truly exist until someone discovers it.

Currently porting this information to what is possibly a more manageble interface:

Topics of interest

The topics that sould be of interest so far covered to some degree are as follows:

Villages, Towns and Cities

Kingdoms / City States

Places that dont seem to fit above descriptions

Paladin Orders

Holidays and Festivals

Characters of Note

Artifacts and magical items discovered

Modules Used

Other Notable Groups and Organisations

Non-Core Monsters Introduced

Latest activity

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